In Memory

John Sauer

Survived by; Sister Mary, brother Chris, and parents. His sister Lea passed away from the same disease as well.

Kind words: John was a thoughtful and kindhearted person who had a passion for adventure. He loved his family and was loyal to his friends. In fact, at the 10 year reunion he wasted no time in inviting me to join his group at his already full table when I arrived. We shared a ton of adventures during and after high school together and I counted him among my best friends, and he is sincerely missed.

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09/28/10 09:48 PM #1    

Larry Daniel

Dear John Sauer 

Where do I began, Words can't explain how much I miss John Sauer. He was so many different things to me.

A friend and a great one at that! We were very close and when passed, it hit me like a freight train.

All things we had done while we were in school brings be back to times I wonder if.... Then after we were out of school , all the things John and I have been through seemed like we were family. Such a big part of my life, when I moved to San Diego and talked John to moving there with me and we had some of the times of are life. John lived a lot of life for a man that was not long for this world. We took on the world together and never looked back. I just wish, I had spent more time with John, when he moved back to Santa Rosa. I let time just slip away from me. We talked often, looking back now, not often enough. He was a good man and A fun guy to have as one of my best friends in this life so far. He asked for nothing and gave his all.

I was in Yuma AZ at work, when Chris, his brother call me from the hospital to tell  me that john was in grave danger, With in hours, I was on a flight to his bed side, His father was there with Lea to pick me up at the airport. His father told me John knew I was on my way to see him, I never thought in my wildest dreams  this would ever happen, That  John would be in danger for his life. We would always  joke that he was always just one of us, with no health problems, the whole time we had been friends. We all waited to see if he would pull thought it. As we all gathered around his bed side, Jerry told all of us to tell John, it's ok to pass and go on his way to heaven, while he laid there in a coma, We all said are heart felt good bye and went back to the house and went to try to sleep, a few hours his father call and said John had passed peacefully.

This is one of the saddest things, I have ever dealt with in my life this far. I think of him all the time, and get a special dose of him, when  ever I here the Doors, his fav band. MAN..... I miss you John..... I will see you again someday, Thats for sure.

My very dear friend, JOHN SAUER

Larry E. Daniel

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