40th Reunion Planning Survey

Hi Classmates,

2020 will be here before you know it so we thought we'd get a jump start on planning the next reunion. Hoping to give everyone more time for planning to attend by setting a date early.

Please answer a few questions about our 40th (WHAT?!) reunion to be planned for 2020.

We'd also love it if you took a moment to log into the class website to view the missing classmates list. If you are in touch with any of our missing classmates, please encourage them to sign up on the website.

Thank you for your time.


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1)   How likely are you to attend a 40th class reunion?

  Not likely
2)   If planning to attend, which of the following dates would be a better fit for you? (dates are subject to availability of facilities)

3)   Which of the following is your preferred primary reunion event? And, yes, we will definitely get better music this time.

  Saturday night dinner and dancing
  Saturday night dinner with or without dancing
  Saturday night cocktail party
  Picnic/BBQ (Sat or Sun)
4)   In addition to the above primary event, would you also enjoy attending a second event like one of the following? In the past we have had a Saturday night dinner/dance and a Sunday picnic with very light attendance at the picnic. Are there other options you would prefer in addition to a main event or prefer just one event?

  Friday night cocktail party
  Picnic/BBQ (Sat or Sun)
  Cocktail party and picnic/BBQ
  Just one event is enough
5)   Please briefly add your comments and an explanation to any answer of "other" selected above regarding reunion type preference.

6)   If attending, how likely are you to book a room if we secure a block of rooms at a discounted price?

  Definitely Not
7)   Would you like to participate in the 40th reunion planning committee?

Yes No
8)   If you want to participate in the reunion planning, do you have a focus area you want to work on or just want to participate on a general committee?

Examples: Decorating, music, outreach, etc.
9)   Any additional comments?